An unwelcome break

You know sometimes you know better and trust your judgement, othertimes you fail miserably.

Today was one of those days.

Decided that it would be nice if we stopped for morning coffee, it was early on, not much was open and as we were in the area decided to stop at the Welcome Break on the M5 close to Junction 22. They had a Coffee Primo.

I have been to Coffee Primo before and it was okay.

Was it okay on this visit?


It was awful.

I know I should have complained, but to be honest there wasn’t any one to complain too!

So where should I start?

Well the coffee we ordered was disgusting. I asked for an Americano. Now this is quite simple to make. A couple shots of espresso to which you add hot water.

Did they get it right?

No they did not!

The Cappuccino seemed okay.

We also had cakes.

The chocolate croissant was passable and not too bad.

The raisin swirl though rather heavy and sickly wasn’t too bad, but we weren’t sure what to make of the very dark cherry on top!

However the “chocolate” muffin was revolting.

For some reason it had something chewy on top, maybe it was toffee, didn’t taste of toffee. The muffin, though it was brown, certainly didn’t taste of chocolate.

An unwelcome break

Overall, though we laughed about it, it was a most unwelcome break.

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