Bristol Zoo Gardens

Sometimes you wonder why the catering establishments in various tourist attractions act surprised when they get busy…

Today at Bristol Zoo Gardens when buying lunch, the catering team seemed surprised that a lot of people were visiting the zoo.

It’s August!

It’s the school holidays!

It was a sunny day!

What do you expect?

I also think that it is very cheeky to serve okay or ever poor quality food at expensive prices – service stations on the motorway have the same philosophy.

Today I ordered a pizza meal deal and though it was still quite early they had run out of garlic bread! So that I had to wait for.

The pizza was freshly baked, though for my liking too much tomato sauce and not cooked long enough.

Coleslaw was okay, but having made my own I didn’t think too much of it, but it was much much better that coleslaw from other places.

Generally I think it is to be recommended to take a picnic, rather than rely on the catering at the zoo. True you have to contend with the wasps, but the food will probably be nicer.

I do wonder if there are decent places to eat at visitor attractions?

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