Citrus Chicken

This is a recipe that I cooked tonight, which is a variation on my lemon chicken recipe.

For this recipe I took some organic chicken thighs and legs and made some cuts in them with a sharp knife, so that they would both asorb more of the marinade and cook quicker. I had seven portions of chicken.

I placed in a bowl the zest and juice of two lemons and one lime. Though I did take a few slices of the lemon and lime before I extracted the juice to use as a garnish.

I added some fresh herbs, parsley and basil, as well as ground black pepper and a good splash of olive oil.

I then placed the chicken in the bowl and mixed well.

I left the chicken for about ten minutes.

The chicken was then placed on a grill pan and put under the grill – I used the top of a very hot oven in order to achieve the same effect.

Turn and baste as and when needed.


I served mine with new potatoes, coleslaw, a green salad and fresh bread.


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