Coffee at the Station

railway station

I think I may have mentioned more than once that I am not a fan of Starbucks coffee. Not totally enamoured with the flavour of the coffee. However I get that other people like it, and they are a quite successful company as well.

Sometimes I have no choice, as was the case when I was waiting for a train at Taunton station. They only have a Starbucks and I had a bit of a wait until my train, so I ordered a flat white. It was four pounds!

You could not fault the service though, the two staff behind the counter were friendly, welcoming, and full of energy.

The coffee was a typical Starbucks flat white, what I expected and it was just okay. It was served in a takeaway cup, for which they charged me 5p extra. I didn’t have a choice, as they had no china cups. I think I must remember to take my reusable cup with me next time I travel.

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