Coleslaw, do you buy it or make it?

Do you buy coleslaw?

Do you  make coleslaw?

Generally I always try and make my own coleslaw. Not only is it very easy to do, it also tastes fresher and so much better.

I use cabbage, usually organic pointed cabbage or white cabbage. I shred this, ensuring I cut the core out first.

I then skin an onion, cut it in half and then cut very fine slices, before adding them to the coleslaw mix.

I grate my carrots.

For the dressing, I add a small spoon of wholegrain mustard, a couple of spoons of creme frache, a couple spoons of mayonnaise and a few grinds from my pepper mill.

Using  two spoons I mix the lot together.



After you have made your own coleslaw you will wonder why you ever bought it in the past! Make some today.

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