Cooked Paella

I made and cooked paella this evening.

I diced an onion, red pepper.  In a hot large frying pan, I put some olive oil and I cooked off some bacon lardons.  I then added the diced onion and pepper. When this was softened, I added some sliced baby courgette and diced mushroom. Once this was stirred in I added 250g of paella rice. 

To this I added some paella seasoning, paella seasoning, Carmencita Paellero Paella Spice Mix.

This is according to the description the number one selling spice mix in Spain.

I ensured that the rice was coated I added some fish stock and water. Stirred once and left it to cook.

Before serving I added some cooked sliced chorizo, freshly chopped parsley, and some chunks of lemon.

I served this with some freshly cooked fish and salad.

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