Fluffy Pancakes

After posting on Twitter yesterday that I had pancakes for breakfast (well that is what the Twitter was created for) a reply from a friend asked if I had had the flat English ones, or the fluffy American style?

I had cooked the flat English kind, but inspired this morning I looked in the cupboard for the Bicarbonate of Soda… A yes I remembered that we had done some science experiments with it a while back… Hmmm, there was some Baking Powder though, not quite the same, but should have the same effect.

I added a teaspoon to my usual mix of plain flour, egg, spoonful of sugar, vanilla and milk. With the pancake pan, I did lower the heat, as these would be thicker than the flat English kind.

The result was pretty good, light, thick and fluffy. Slightly different taste, which meant though I enjoyed them, the little people were less impressed… It was a good thing I had cooked some of the flat English kind too.

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