French Tassimo

At the end of July we went on an Eurocamp holiday in France. Though I wanted to take my Tassimo coffee machine, I was overruled so we took a cafetière that worked well.

However when visiting French supermarkets, as well as the campsite shop I was intrigued to see the different Tassimo offerings available.

Over the last year or so, Tassimo in the UK only appears to offer either pods for espresso or really large mugs of coffee.

So it was interesting to see what you could get in France. They had a much wider range of espresso coffees, but they also had a range of longer coffees, or café long.

In the end I did buy two packs of café long pods, Classique…

…and Intense.

I couldn’t try them whilst on holiday, but had one when I got home and really enjoyed it.

I thought I might be able to order these (and other) pods from the Tassimo French website. 

Going through the site though, it looks like they will only deliver to French addresses… which is a pity.

So I will need to ration my consumption of these café long pods, though they won’t last nearly long enough until I get back to France.

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