Grilled Chicken

Grilling chicken pieces is probably one of my favourite ways of cooking chicken and it’s interesting how different it tastes to say roasting or pan frying.

For my most recent dish of grilled chicken, I took a selection of chicken thighs. Personally I find that the leg meat of a chicken as a lot more flavour and the bone helps keep the meat moist and tender. The problem with grilling breast meat is that it can dry out and become tough.

I took the thighs and in a mixing bowl to make a marinade, I added olive oil, garlic, chopped parsley, black pepper and some white wine vinegar. I mixed the meat until they were well coated in the mixture.

The chicken pieces were then placed skin side down on the grill and grilled for about ten minutes. They were then turned and cooked for a further ten minutes or until the skin has gone crispy.

You need to be careful to not undercook or overcook the chicken, so you do need to watch it.

I would also say after turning the chicken to brush them with the remains of the marinade.

The end result is beautifully moist, succulent chicken, with tasty crispy skin and wonderful flavours.

I served mine with a simple risotto and steamed vegetables., but it would also work well with a selection of salads.

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