Herdez Yucatan Seasoning

I have for the last few months been using the Schwartz Citrus Brazilian BBQ seasoning when cooking chicken. I had got it from the middle aisle in Aldi, so was only available for a limited time. 

I liked the spicy citrus flavours that the seasoning gave the chicken, but did wonder if I could get the mix from another supermarket, or if there was an alternative.

You can get a Schwartz Brazilian BBQ seasoning in other supermarkets, so I did think about that and then using some lime or lemon with the chicken.

While I was wandering around my local Tesco I did find some Herdez Yucatan Seasoning.

This was described as: 

Zingy citrus, garlic & coriander Mexican style seasoning for tacos & fajitas.

Authentic Mexican style seasoning developed with Herdez, a Mexican family business with over 100 years of experience making Mexican food.

This sounded similar to the Schwartz Citrus Brazilian BBQ seasoning, so I bought a pack.

No it was not the same, but close. It was still very good and we had a great dish. Certainly something I would buy again.

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