I like Korean BBQ

I have no idea if all the Korean BBQ dishes and meals I have eaten recently are at all authentic, but I do like what I have been eating. One day I might need to visit Korea for the actual experience, like that will ever happen.

My most recent Korean BBQ experience was at Itsu where I went with their Korean BBQ Chicken Rice Bowl.

Lean chargrilled chicken with wholegrain brown & red rice, fresh seasonal greens, gochujang chilli, thai & teriyaki sauce.

Now mine didn’t look the picture on the website, mainly as the pot it arrived in was not as wide as the one on the website.

The chicken was chicken, the greens were fresh, I liked the rice with the Thai sauce. The gochujang chilli added heat, but not excessively so.

Overall it was a tasty dish, filling and fresh.

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