Kokodoo Korean Fried Chicken

Kokodoo Korean Fried Chicken Van

The Kokodoo van is always busy when I have seen it before at both the Finzel Street and Temple Quay street food markets. So much so, that I have usually gone somewhere else to get something to eat.

So when I arrived early one time and there wasn’t much of a queue I grabbed my chance to try out the chicken from Kokodoo.

The menu consists of fried chicken bites with a choice of four glazes. There is sweet & spicy, honey glazed, sticky soy, or fiery chilli. The chicken is served with a  choice of chips or rice and a side of coleslaw. There is a vegan option  with fried cauliflower.

I went with the chicken in a honey glaze with rice. I placed my order and paid, I was given a number.

As there wasn’t much of a queue, so it wasn’t too long before my food was ready.

Kokodoo Korean Fried Chicken

This was a good sized portion of crispy chicken, in a sweet honey glaze, with a sprinkling of sesame seeds. There was some rice, and a rather disappointedly small portion of coleslaw.

I enjoyed the chicken, it was crisp and tasty. Though a nice dish, I am not sure if I would have it again. It was nice, but not inspiring or outstanding.

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