Leaving tips

Though regardless of whether I pay by card or cash, and I have had good service, then I will leave whoever served me a cash tip.

However stories like this in the Observer really annoy me.

Fresh evidence that one of the country’s biggest restaurant chains is using scare tactics to deter waiters from asking for tips in cash has been uncovered by the Observer

Employees of Tragus – which owns Café Rouge, Bella Italia and Strada – have come under pressure to ensure service charges are paid by card, and at least one waitress has told the Observer that they are being threatened with dismissal if they do not generate enough card tips. Some have been told that undercover staff posing as diners will check that gratuities are not being pocketed. Cash tips go directly to staff, but those paid by card go to the company.

Waiting staff are underpaid, overworked and easily replaced. However they are the key to a good restaurant.

No one ever goes to a restaurant to just eat food, you go for the whole dining experience, and that experience includes good customer service.

It doesn’t matter if the food is excellent, if the service is awful, you won’t go again and importantly you will tell others how awful it was too.

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