I do like a plate of Nachos, though due to the salt content they are a rare treat for me.

I take some tortilla chips, I have found it impossible to find unsalted corn chips so I try and find the ones with the least salt. I have once tried making it with proper corn tortillas, which had n added salt, but I had to cut them into the “triangles” and they didn’t crunch up to how I like them. They’re probably more authentic like that, but if I ever go to Mexico then I will eat authentic out there.

Having taken the tortilla chips, I spread them on a baking sheet and then add stuff. This time I added tomato salsa, chopped red and green pepper and then scattered some Monterey Jack cheese on top. Other toppings I like adding include refried beans and sliced jalapeño chillis.

I then place these into the top of a really hot oven for about five minutes.

Nachos about to go into the oven

Serve with sour cream, guacamole and napkins.

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