Operatic Coffee

coffee on a table

Needing a break in Oxford, I was on the look out for a place for coffee, so I could catch up with emails and the like.

Around Walton Street and up Little Clarendon Street there are various places for coffee. I did quite like the look of the Opera Cafe on Walton Street. I looked inside, and it looked busy, then I noticed they had (what at the time I thought was) a back room. The place had a rustic feel to it.

I went in and ordered my coffee, and they said to take a seat. They had a really nice choice of cakes and pastries, and I will say I was quite tempted.

I went into the “back room” which was actually a covered back garden; despite being December it wasn’t too chilly, and they had blankets if I did get cold.

It was an excellent coffee and I got a lot done, sat there working away and drinking coffee.

I was tempted to stay for another coffee, but I was just starting to feel the chill. So with a little disappointment I left.

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