street in Albufeira

We were on holiday at the Cerro Mar Gardens in Albufeira in Portugal we made a couple of visits to the hotel restaurant. After some excellent swordfish it was time for pudding.

The dessert menu had a range of choices, but one caught my eye. It was Pudding and the English translation was Pudding.

Yes I could have asked the waiting staff what this was, but I decided to risk it and order it for my dessert.

I had no idea what Pudding would be, but there was an air of anticipation in what would arrive at the table.

This is what arrived.


This was a creme caramel.

It was quite nice, it’s not something I have had recently, I actually don’t think I’ve had it since the 1990s, or even earlier. It’s not something I would probably order, so it was nice to have the surprise.

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