Puttanesca Linguine

Tomato Linguine

I didn’t buy it, but was quite impressed with the Lloyd Grossman Puttanesca tomato sauce. It tasted fresh and you could certainly taste the chilli, olives and even a hint of anchovies in the sauce, as well as the tomatoes.

Generally I am not a fan of prepared sauces, they often taste processed and too salty. However as I am not the only person who cooks in the house, sometimes they prefer the convenience of a jar of sauce. This one though we quite liked.

For the dish in the photograph I first cooked off some diced chicken breast before adding some diced onion, red pepper and courgette. I cooked this for a further five minutes before adding some chopped mushrooms.

Once the linguine was cooked, I added the sauce to the pan with the chicken, onions, pepper, courgette and mushrooms and heated it through.

I then tossed the linguine with the sauce before serving with some freshly grated parmesan.

According to Italian tradition I should have used spaghetti, but we didn’t have that in the house and I actually prefer linguine myself.

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  1. Lloyd is the only ‘bought’ sauce we use here James. Good choice.

    If you look out at the various supermarkets, they periodically offer 2 for 1 (or similar) on Lloyd stuff.

    I use his tomato and chilli sauce for a quick Arrabiata!



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