Run of the mill calamari

A year ago I was staying at the Doubletree by Hilton Hotel in Ealing. I don’t recall why I wasn’t in one of my usual haunts, though I had stayed at the Doubletree a few months previously in November 2022. Then I had some nice food from the hotel restaurant, so was intrigued to see what was on the menu this time. 

It was quite late, so rather than go for a full meal I ordered some tacos and some calamari.

I wasn’t that impressed with the tacos.

The calamari was strips of squid in breadcrumbs served with some mayonnaise.

This was pretty much run of the mill calamari. I guess it was cooked from frozen. The squid wasn’t that tender and there wasn’t much flavour. I don’t think I was expecting anything else to be honest.

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