Sirloin for Beef Wellington?

One of the things I do like looking at for this blog is the stats and particularly the referrals, most of which come from Google searches.

This one caught my eye recently:

can sirloin beef be used for beef wellington

This blog comes up quite high in the search rankings (number five at the time of writing) and a recipe I posted back in August 2008 does use sirloin steak for beef wellington.

Here is the recipe.

This is my version of the classic Beef Wellington.

Beef Wellington

I used sirloin steak, which I cooked in a pan until it was cooked medium rare. You can of course cook the steak how you prefer it. Ensure it is cooked to a point before you would call it perfect, as it will cook more in the oven.

I then cut the steak into portions, about two inches square.

The steak was then spread with a mixture of chopped mushrooms and mustard. I used French whole grain mustard.

Using some puff pastry (and I will admit I do buy ready made puff pastry as I have no idea on how to make it).

I cut out some circles, about four inches in diameter. Placed one circle on the baking tray, added the steak. Using beaten egg and a pastry brush I brushed egg around the edges of the circle and placed a second circle of puff pastry on top. This top puff pastry circle was then brushed with beaten egg.

The parcels were then baked in an oven for about ten to fifteen minutes until golden brown.

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  1. This sounds very good. We are in the middle of a major fall storm and I want to prepare something special for my family for dinner! Our dog is really upset, so I think she will have a special bite of the steak, too. Thank you for this delicious sounding recipe, I know we will enjoy it.

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