Steak Salad Bowl

Though I much prefer the Bristol street food scene, you can’t really dismiss the range and choice of food at the Leather Lane Street Food market in London (and the fact that it is open all week (well I know it’s open from Monday to Friday, I couldn’t tell you about the weekend). I have had some great food at the market, but I’ve also had some disappointing meals.

Back in April I was walking up and down the road thinking about what to get to eat, there are a lot of similar stalls along the market, so sometimes it’s not just about choosing what to eat, but when that decision is made, where to go and buy it. I had walked the length of the road when I saw the Marrakech Grill, a stand I hadn’t recalled seeing before.

There wasn’t really a queue, which sometimes is a warning sign, however I watched as people ordered and were served their food. It did look really good.

So, I joined the queue and ordered a Marrakech Steak Salad Bowl, which was just six pounds. This was really good price compared to similar dishes elsewhere in the market.

This was a very generous bowl of food, with a range of mixed salads, chips, and a good sized portion of steak.

I took it back to our office to eat.

The salad were excellent, the chips were crisp, and the steak was delicious. I was really impressed with this bowl of food.

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