Tonight I cooked some calamari (squid in batter) and was well impressed with the results, melt in your mouth.

If all you have ever eaten are the “bake” in the oven ready battered calamari or under the grill “cooked” squid rings, then cooking fresh squid is something you just have to try.

You will find there is no comparison.

So take some prepared squid; you can prepare it yourself, or ask your fishmonger or buy it freshly prepared.

In a bowl mix some self-raising flour, some milk and the yolk of an egg (or you can use a beer batter). I also added some grated parmesan (just to be different).

Then coat and cook the squid in a pan of hot oil.

Serve straightaway with lemon segments, otherwise the cooked squid will go rubbery or the batter will go soft.



This morning I decided against toast as we were running out of butter and decided to make some waffles.

Waffle Iron

I use an electric waffle iron as it is very convenient, quick, easy and simple to clean.

As for my batter recipe, well I don’t measure, I know I should, but I just put some flour with a little sugar in a bowl, add an egg and then add enough milk until the batter flows, but is thick enough to coat the back of the fork (or spoon).

Into the waffle iron for a five minutes and serve with maple syrup (the real stuff).

Simple and delicious.

Photo source.

Simple Beer Batter

Sometimes simple is best.

Tonight I cooked some pork balls to go with the chinese meal I was cooking.

I created a simple batter, of self-raising flour and some beer. Mixed to a consistency which would coat a spoon, not too thick and not too thin.

Cut your pork into cubes about 1cm thick, tall and wide.

Hot oil and a few cubes at a time until golden brown.

They should be crisp and more importantly retain their crispness.

Beer Battered Fish

Another excellent recipe from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall in today’s Guardian, beer battered fish.

Generally I like to use beer in my batter, but I found it interesting that Hugh said to use proper beer and avoid lager. I am sure I recall from another chef that lager was best for batter.

Ah well, the next time I make batter I will use a decent proper beer and see how that works.