No fresh food on the plane

My flight to Amsterdam was delayed, I had originally planned to have a late lunch in Amsterdam, but as I was going to be there later, I decided I would have a sandwich on the plane. Alas the plane had been to Paris earlier that day and all the passengers had eaten all the fresh food. So when they came round with the refreshment trolley, there was no fresh food available, so no sandwiches or anything. Yes I could have had crisps or chocolate, but I didn’t want crisps and chocolate. I also didn’t go with coffee either. I decided to wait.

Hey EasyJet do you know what an espresso is?

Hey EasyJet do you know what an espresso is?

Flying with EasyJet I knew that when I asked for an espresso that was highly unlikely to be a proper espresso. The kind that is made with high pressure nearly boiling water through coffee grounds. That kind wouldn’t be done on a plane, there are probably safety issues. This kind was made from a packet, an instant espresso, well one with fine coffee grounds in it.

Having said that I was a little perplexed and surprised when I was asked if I wanted milk with my espresso.

Ah, I think not.

This happened both on the outward and the return flights.