Last night cooked some text-mex style food, I say tex-mex style as it was more of a homage to Cajun and Mexican cooking than authentic cooking.

We had Jambalaya, which I have a technique for, which I picked up from a programme on Cajun cooking some while back.

In a large frying pan, I fry off some smoked bacon (I use pancetta as I have it in the house) with some onions and red pepper.

Fiddes Payne Cajun SeasoningWhen the onions are softened I add some Cajun spices. I am currently using and enjoying Fiddes Payne Cajun Seasoning, there are other seasonings available.

I cook off the spices before adding some spicy sausage, I used a Polish Kabanos, partly as that was available and yes I know it is not very deep south, and after that has cooked off slightly, I go ahead and deglaze the pan with some vinegar (usually balsamic vinegar).

I then add a tin of chopped tomatoes and some tomate puree and leave to simmer for about twenty minutes.

Whilst that is cooking I cook some rice, I use basmati, partly as it only takes ten minutes to cook and mainly as that is what I have in the cupboard.

When the rice is cooked, I stir the tomato mixture and the rice together and serve.

You could make it spicier by adding fresh chillis, I don’t.

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