There are services and then there are services

Back in September I was driving back from a conference in the East Midlands. I decide to stop off at the services for a coffee. I could have stopped off at Starbucks at Hopwood Park, but I had decided to avoid the M42 and was driving down the A46 to the M5.

I thus decided to stop off at the Gloucester Services for a coffee.

I really like these services, they are so different to basically all the others on the motorway network. As well as a range of food options, they also have a food to go area as well, for those in a rush. As well as the catering places, the services also have a big farm shop which is full of lots of stuff, including fresh meat and fish, bakery goods, deli stuff and cakes.

I wasn’t hungry, having had a nice lunch at the conference, so I just ordered a flat white.

What was nice, was that the sun was shining, and they have outdoor seating. So out I went to drink my coffee and enjoy some fresh air and sun.

I would say that this is not the best flat white I have had, but it was good flavoured coffee.

These are really nice relaxing services. There are services and then there are services.

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