Posh Coffee

We were away in London for the weekend back in August, and one thing that we wanted to do was to see how the other half lived and visit Harrods. Unlikely to do to much shopping there, but it was nice to visit.

Having explored (and got lost in the rest of the store) we found the food halls. As we explored we decided to stop for a coffee at the coffee bar. This is not the most relaxing of places to sit and have a coffee, you basically sit at a bar on barstools, we wanted to have a Harrods coffee drinking experience.

As you might expect I had a flat white, and to be honest it was rather good and I really enjoyed it.

flat white from Harrods

If we wanted to be really “posh” I think we should have visited the tea room on another floor, but I doubt we would have been able to find it!

We did some shopping in the food halls, but I mainly just looked and gasped at the prices of some of the stuff on sale.

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