Told you Soho Coffee Co

Two years ago I wrote up about a visit to a branch of the Soho Coffee Co.

Back then I asked

Let me ask you a question, is it really so difficult in this day and age, for a coffee shop to take coffee orders and then make the coffee?

I also said

Recently I went to the Soho Coffee Co and was frankly appalled by the level of incompetency shown by the six staff behind the counter in undertaking the coffee making and serving process.

I finished off by stating

Anyway as a result it will be sometime (if ever) I go back to the Soho Coffee Co.

Well, here we are two years later and I have never gone back to that branch of the Soho Coffee Co.

Just shows the importance of decent customer service and efficient serving. I have visited many coffee places close to that branch, but have not been back.

So what of other Soho Coffee Co branches, well I did visit one once at a motorway services, but only the once. I do recall that service was okay, but not fantastic!

The thing is for me, I know the staff are poorly paid and overworked, but from what I can see the problem is not staff, but management and the management of systems. If some coffee places can get it right, why can’t all of them get the little things just right.

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  1. Dear Mr Clay

    I am disappointed to read your comments and would happily enter into correspondence with you if you would like to email me on the above address.

    The unit at Cribbs was voted the number one place to eat and drink in a customer survey completed by the Mall Centre Management Team so I am confident your experience is certainly not the norm and I would welcome the opportunity to prove to you that is not the case.

    We similarly receive many compliments on the store at Strensham.

    I hope to hear from you.

  2. James, you are right to pen your experiences of poor service. If we all did the same, it would improve.

    I hope you take up Ms Manual’s offer of correspondence and that she gives you every opportunity to more full explain your issue.

    I’ve never come across that particular chain but have not had too many excellent customer service experiences with the others. Where customer service is right – it’s a pleasing experience but where it’s not right, it’s depressing and spoils what is often a mediocre coffee anyway (but that’s a different argument).

    At the prices they charge we should expect some competence behind the counter and some interest in earning their pay by doing what they do, well.

    Good luck


  3. Try their Bristol Airport branch….it is appalling because of the leaderless staff, disillusionment and dire customer experience

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