Traffic Jam Coffee


One of the “enjoyable” aspect of commuting using the M5 is that Friday afternoons during the summer months the motorway generally becomes one big car park. My one hour drive home from work can take twice as long and sometimes it has taken over four hours!

If I have a chance, I will stop for a coffee either at the services or sometimes Cribbs Causeway. This recent Friday was no exception so with the traffic basically stopped I came off went to Cribbs to go for a coffee. After very little thinking I went to Paterissie Valerie.

It’s certainly not the cheapest place for coffee, but the service is good, there is free wifi and the coffee, which is made from Illy is very nice.

I ordered an Americano with cold skimmed milk and after a short wait I had my coffee, which was excellent. I settled in with my coffee, my iPad and went through a bundle of e-mails that I hadn’t managed to do when I was at work.

The hard bit I think was not ordering any of the cakes which all looked very nice, and I have enjoyed one or two at previous visits. Not tried the savoury menu yet, but may do so one day.

So next time the M5 becomes gridlocked, I might just well go and get another coffee from Patisserie Valerie.

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