Very Crispy Squid

I was in London and staying at The Fox and Goose close to Hangar Lane. The restaurant is in the older part of the hotel, as the hotel part is now a new build at the back. 

The menu changes every so often, and they always seem to have a range of choices, that means it can be difficult to choose what to have.

One dish I have a lot, at a lot of different places is crispy squid. So seeing it on the menu this, I decided I would try this version.

This was a nice sized portion for a starter, the squid was in a crispy batter and was garnished with coriander, sliced red chilli, a wedge of lime, and some sriracha aioli.

Crispy Squid

The batter was very crispy, probably too crispy. When I tried to cut the squid, the batter more often than not fell off the squid. The squid was tender though. I  wasn’t totally enamoured with the sriracha aioli, I think I would have preferred to have some good old plain aioli.

I did enjoy the starter, wasn’t the best crispy squid I have had, but certainly it was better than most.

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