What is it with these Caramalised Biscuits?

As you know I do like my coffee, and often I will just have coffee, but now and again served with the coffee (as a freebie) is a little something. I have had little squares of dark chocolate before, but the usual is a biscuit. And the usual biscuit is one of those individually wrapped caramalised biscuits!

And aren’t they awful? I really don’t like them, the taste, the texture, nope not very nice at all.

Okay should I be grumbling about the fact that I got a free biscuit? Well it isn’t free, I paid for the coffee so I am in fact paying for the whole coffee drinking experience and if that as part of that experience I am paying for, the coffee shop deems it necessary that I have a complementary biscuit, than I think I can say I am paying for it.

It’s not the fact it’s a free biscuit, it’s just that I never have a choice about my biscuit and it would appear that every coffee shop that gives out free biscuits gives out these caramalised biscuits. Where is the imagination? Where are the fresh ideas?

It’s as though they said, oh look out competitor is giving away free caramalised biscuits, we better give away free caramalised biscuits. Where was the imaginative business idea about maybe choosing something slightly different? Something fresh and interesting? No we all have to have that same caramalised biscuit?

Where are the little squares of caramel shortcake? I like those. Where are the little strawberry pavalova? What about a piece of fruit?

At the end of the day this is much more about the coffee and I am guessing that people think the caramlised biscuit complements the coffee. Personally I like my coffee and if you want to give me a biscuit, give me a choice.

By the way if you do in fact like them, you can buy them in bulk from Amazon…. order them now and then you can have one every time you make coffee at home!

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