High Teas

For me this is a new place for coffee in Weston-super-Mare, I don’t think they’ve been open that long, but glad that they have. It’s a really nice independent tea shop for tea and coffee, with cakes and other things. With a smart decor, excellent tea, great coffee and delicious cakes, it’s the sort of place that you hope to find, but rarely do.

High TeasWith tables and chairs, alongside sofas and comfy chairs, they have various options for sitting down depending on the amount of time you have and the company you are in.

If you like tea (and yes it has been known for me to drink tea now and again) then they have a large range from Taylor’s and it is loose tea, not teabags!

So what of the coffee? Well it’s from Italy, Capo Di Monte, a brand I have not heard of. However it is very nice coffee, full of flavour, but without the burnt overtones that you can get with over roasted beans in some chains. I enjoyed my Americano and I was also able to get skimmed milk with mine, something that I have found isn’t always available in the smaller independent coffee shops. Good value at £1.70 too.

AmericanoThey have a range of cakes and they look homemade, we went for a posh slice and an apple cake. The posh slice was their version of millionaire’s shortbread, you know the one with shortbread, caramel and topped with chocolate. This was really nice, sometimes they can be too rich, but this was just right and delicious. The apple cake tasted fresh and of apple. I could have it warmed with cream, but we had it as was. It was really nice, and I suspect it would have been scrumptious warmed. Both were £1.80 each and I thought very good value. What I also liked was that they were served on china plates with half a strawberry as a garnish.

There were a few other things that caught my attention on the menu, as well as the ubiquitous toasted teacake, you could also have toasted crumpets. You seem to be always able to find teacakes, so it was a nice change to see that you could have crumpets.

The service was excellent, it’s a combination of counter and waiting service. You order your drinks at the counter and they bring them to your table. The staff were friendly and efficient.

Overall compared to the industrial nature you find in a lot of chains, it is nice when sitting in the coffee shop to have proper china, decent efficient service, tasty food and outstanding coffee. Recommended.

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