An unplanned fish finger sandwich

I never planned to visit The Red Lion in Alvechurch in northeast Worcestershire. It was one of those unplanned journeys that arose due to a range of circumstances.

My original plan had been quite simple. I was on my way back from York and was travelling south on the motorway network. I had planned to stop at the Hopwood services on the M42, have an online call, grab something to eat, and charge my electric car, before heading home.

However due to earlier traffic issues on the A1(M) and some other reasons I was running later than planned. As a result I ended up at Tamworth Services. Alas the charger was in use. So I couldn’t charge my car while I had my online call. After finishing my meeting the charger was still in use so I headed back down on the M42. 

I knew the Hopwood Services were about twenty miles further down the M42, so would stop there to charge and grab some lunch. I stopped off at Hopwood services and was frustrated to see their charger was also in use. I had planned to charge the car and grab some lunch. 

Needing a charge I used the built-in sat nav to give me directions to the nearest charger. This was just over two miles away, there was a charger at The Red Lion in Alvechurch. So off I drove to the pub. The charger was available, so after connecting the car and setting it to charge I went into the pub. This was a lovely pub, with lots of wooden beams, comfy chairs.

I found a menu on a table and looked it over. They had quite an extensive choice. There was lots of things I was tempted by.  The seared fillets of sea bass with a pea & crispy bacon velouté, steamed broccoli and spring onion mash sounded delicious. I also liked the sound of the Duo of Lamb, tender lamb rump served medium and a hearty shepherd’s pie, with Tenderstem® broccoli and a red wine & rosemary jus. 

However I didn’t want to spend a fortune, I wasn’t that hungry, and I only really wanted something light. In the end I went with the Fish Finger Bap. Beer-battered fish goujons and tartare sauce on a rustic roll. I also ordered a ginger beer.

I had excellent service at the bar and after paying I sat down.

It wasn’t long and my plate of food arrived.

This was an excellent looking plate of food. The roll was warm and fresh. The beer-battered fish goujons were crisp on the outside, the fish was succulent and tasty. I also enjoyed the fries that came with the sandwich. I would say that the pea shoots which came as a garnish, didn’t look exactly fresh, they were a little tired and yellow. Kind of glad I didn’t for for the salad instead of fries. Despite the pea shots, I really enjoyed the food, it was tasty and delicious. 

Having charged the car, it was then back on my drive home. I often stop at the Hopwood services for a break when travelling, I think in future I will make the relative short detour to Alvechurch and visit The Red Lion again.

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