But you said….

So there I was at Cribbs Causeway doing some late night shopping when I decided I wanted a bite to eat. So a quick decision was made to go to Café Rouge…

But you said….

Yes I know I said before that I wouldn’t go again to Café Rouge….


However I had a Tesco Clubcard voucher on me, and that is one of the few places at Cribbs that takes them… so despite my reservations about Café Rouge based on previous visits, I decided to eat there.

The fixed price evening menu wasn’t an option as you can’t use the Tesco vouchers with it. So I looked at the full price menu and decided to go with the Bavette steak.

Traditional French cut of steak marinated in rosemary & garlic, best enjoyed rare, with French fries and melted garlic beurre maison.

I hadn’t tried a steak before at Café Rouge so was slightly apprehensive. I did though as the menu recommended ordered the steak rare. The Bavette is a flank steak so if cooked medium or well done it will be a tougher than say a sirloin.

When it arrived it did look very nice.

So as I cut into the steak I was still wondering if I had made a mistake. However in the end I was quite pleased. It was a little more done than I would have liked, which meant it was slightly tougher than I think it should have been. The fries were crisp, but over-seasoned. I did find them not entirely disagreeable, and there was a nice portion. I wasn’t too impressed with the butter so didn’t pour it over my steak. The main reason for ordering a steak is the steak and I was pleased with the dish. As with any dish ordered from a chain such as Café Rouge you are relying very likely on system cooking rather than home or chef cooked food. However in this case the dish exceeded my expectations and I did finish the plate clean.

Unlike previous visits to that Café Rouge the service was much much better, fast, efficient and friendly. The place was quite busy, so I was pleased with the unexpected much better level of service.

So despite my reservations I in the end had a good meal, good service and may go again.


Well I did say may…

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