Cannellini Bean Salad

I really like the Cirio Cannellini Beans that come in the Tetra Recartâ„¢ pack. As well as using them in cooking I also use them for salads.

This is a simple fresh tasting salad.

I add to the beans, some finely diced red onion, diced cucumber and then I dress the bean salad with salt, pepper, white wine vinegar, and olive oil.

If I have some, then I will add some finely chopped coriander as well.

Some variations I have made, include replacing the white wine vinegar with fresh lemon juice.

Another variation is to add some cheese, I have used crumbled feta cheese. A different cheese I have used is fried halloumi. In both these cases I reduce or eliminate the salt from the salads as both of these cheeses are quite salty.

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