The other week I was lucky enough to have dinner at the Mustard Seed Restaurant in Inverness. For my starter I had the crayfish and salmon salad, for my main I had steak and black pudding. For my final course I went with the cheese.

Now it’s not that I don’t like sweet puddings, just that with a meal like this I prefer finishing my meal with the freshness of cheese rather than the richness of a pudding such as chocolate fudge cake.

I was served with a nice selection of well flavoured cheeses. As it was Scotland the cheeses were served alongside oatcakes. Now I am not much of a fan of biscuits with my cheese anyway, and I have never really acquired a taste for oatcakes, so though I tried one, in the end I enjoyed just the cheese.

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  1. I once had a selection of Scottish Cheeses at the theatre in Pitlochry. They were delightful.

    Like you, biscuits are not my first choice of cheese accompaniment, especially those cardboard-like oat biscuits. How did they become so popular? I do however, like bread with my cheese. And if there’s fruit in the bread (fig and caraway rye for eg.) so much the better.


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