Chestnut Mushrooms

In the dark and distant past the only mushrooms I bought were those white ones and on the odd special occasion I would get little white button mushrooms. More often used as texture rather than flavour for most dishes I would cook.

However it is now much easier to get a wider choice of mushrooms in your local supermarket. You can even get wild mushrooms in some.

For chinese cooking I do like using Oyster and Shitake. They are very different to your traditional closed and chestnut mushrooms so add an exoticness to any chinese cooking.

For all other times I use mushrooms my preference is for the Chestnut, mainly for flavour, but also for texture. I either use them as part of a recipe or cook them on their own. I do like to roast them with other vegetables to accompany a roast dinner. To cook them on their own I like to use a really hot pan and a little butter. On a low heat they will become soggy, on a higher heat they will shrink and the flavour will be really enhanced.

So what’s your favourite mushroom?

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