DVD Choice – Jamie At Home

I have been really enjoying the Jamie at Home television series on Channel 4 despite the occasional controversial product placement, for me Jamie has been showing real gardening and real home cooking.

I have already recommended the book, so was quite pleased to see that you can also get the DVD of the series as well.

DVD Choice - Jamie At Home

Jamie Oliver goes back to his roots for a mouth-watering new series filmed at his Essex home.

The chef has spent the last five years tackling school dinners and youth unemployment, so it’s a treat to have him back cooking great recipes using ingredients straight from his own garden. From perfect potatoes to superb strawberries, and from tasty tomatoes to fresh pizza toppings, the 12-part series is a straightforward guide to getting the best from mother nature.

With the help of gardener Brian, Jamie has transformed the garden of his Essex house, and discovered a passion for growing his own produce. Now he wants to show just how easy it is to cultivate amazing fruit and vegetables at home. Even if you only have a balcony or back yard, Jamie shows how to grow fantastic veg and fruit and turn it into simple, tasty and delicious food. Packed with dozens of new step-by-step recipes, Jamie at Home is enough to get any cook’s green fingers itching.

You can buy the DVD from Amazon

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