My second quiche

Well having made my first quiche, I went ahead and made another.


I was inspired by a Jamie Oliver recipe I saw on his At Home series, though this is not quite the same as he used potatoes and asparagus  in his.

First I cooked the pastry case blind, I will admit to using ready made pastry; well it is easier and faster at times.

Once this has cooled, in a pan I cooked some onions off with red pepper, mushrooms, parsley and pancetta.

These were then placed in the pastry case.

I then in a jug, mixed four eggs, some cream and a splash of milk.

This I poured into the pastry case.

I then placed the quiche in the oven, and topped up the egg mixture (which I may have spilt if I did this before I popped it into the oven).

The quiche is then baked in the oven until the egg has set and has gone slightly brown.

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