Grilled Beef Skirt

Grilled Beef Skirt

I bought some beef skirt a while ago, in the main to make a pie or a stew. In the end it went into the freezer.

With the recent warm weather and using the barbecue a lot more I decided to try something different.

I took the beef skirt and placed it on a bed of root vegetables in a roasting tray and put it in a medium oven for about 80-90 minutes. The plan was that as this cut of beef wasn’t suitable for quick cooking on the barbecue, I would slow roast it first, before finishing it off on the barbecue.

The beef was cooked for about ten minutes on each side on the barbecue. The end result was then left to rest for a further ten minutes.

I then sliced it thinly and served it with salad and pitta bread.

I was pleasantly surprised, some great flavours and as I hoped it was also very tender and delicious.

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