Jamie Oliver Italian Sausages

If you are a regular reader of the blog you will know that I am a bit of a fan of Jamie Oliver. However I have been avoiding buying any Jamie Oliver products as I was concerned that my expectations would not be met.

However having put off buying anything I saw in my local supermarket some Jamie Oliver Italian style sausages. Coarse pork with red wine, prosciutto and herbs. They sounded and looked great.

After watching Jamie’s Great Italian Escape I was hoping that he would have bought what he learnt into this range of products.

I pan fried them, they browned and cooked fine.

I served them with some pasta and a green salad.

So what did I think?


They were certainly meaty, a great texture.

However I was disappointed with the flavour. It wasn’t sausage enough and it wasn’t Italian enough either. The flavours needed to be stronger in my opinion.

The key question is will I buy them again?

Sorry no.

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