KC Peri Peri Chicken

man cooking chicken in the background, sauce bottles and metal containers in the foreground

The smell of cooking chicken over hot coals was a real feature of relative newcomer to the Bristol street food scene, KC Peri Peri Chicken.

The smell of the barbecue was very tempting, so I thought okay, lets go for it.

For £8.50 you get barbecued marinated chicken with yellow rice, lime and charred corn greenslaw, and a peri peri sauce of your choice. I went with lemon and herb. Service was a little slow, but eventually I did get my box of food.

food box with rice and chicken

This was a really nice looking dish. The rice was great as was the greenslaw, though I am not entirely sure what greenslaw actually is. I did feel a little short changed on the chicken though. I would really  like to have had more chicken in the box. The chicken though was great, nicely cooked and full of flavour.

I certainly would go again, wonder if they would do a large version of the box with more chicken.

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