Organic is “better for you”

When I started buying organic, and about 90% of what I buy is organic, the data and research seemed to indicate that there was no real difference between organic and non-organic produce.

I justified it to myself that possibly it was good for me, but in reality the main reason for buying organic was the flavour, and I still stand by that.


However it was nice to read today that:

Organic produce is better for you than ordinary food, a major European Union-funded study says.

The £12m four-year project, led by Newcastle University, found a general trend showing organic food contained more antioxidants and less fatty acids.

So there we have it, organic food, well organic produce, could be better for you than non-organic produce.

It should be noted that they are talking about organic produce and not processed organic food like crisps or other unhealthy foods.

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