Putting Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals to the test

I have blogged about Jamie Oliver’s 30 minute meals, the Guardian decided to put them to the test.

It all looks so easy on the television. But is it really possible to cook Jamie Oliver’s 30-minute recipes in the allotted time – and do they taste any good?

Read more and see the results.

I have to agree that trying to cook what you see in television cookery programmes is always a little fraught and doesn’t always work out exactly how you see on screen. I am always impressed with Ready Steady Cook, even with the pre-heated ovens, pans and boiled kettle, 20 minutes is a very short time to get a meal done. Same with Jamie’s 30 minute meals.

Having said all that, cooking shouldn’t and doesn’t need to take ages and using time as an excuse for not cooking is missing out.

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