This is one of our quick favourite meals, savoury grilled waffles.

I had an electric waffle iron for years (over twenty) and then it eventually stopped working, so we bought a double sized waffle iron, so we could make two at once.

My waffle mix is as follows, take a cup of self-raising gluten free flour, a cup of milk and one egg, Whisk the ingredients together until you have a smooth batter.

If you are making sweet waffles add some sugar and some vanilla essence.

I cook the waffles in the iron and then set them aside.

You can then choose which toppings you want. Some in the family like the classic ham and cheese, whilst others (like me) go for spinach,  mushrooms with onions and pepper, with cheese on top.

The waffles, complete with toppings are then finished off in a hot oven for about ten minutes.

Fruity Waffle

Fruity Waffle

So what do you do when you run out of maple syrup? Well what I did was add some fruit to my waffle.

The raspberries were beautiful, wonderfully sweet. The strawberries (been well out of season) were okay, but nothing like proper summer strawberries. As for the blueberries, well they were rather tasteless, so much so I didn’t have those.

As for the waffle, homemade using an electric waffle iron. Made using a batter of flour, egg, milk, a spoonful of sugar and a few drops of vanilla extract. I use it for both breakfast waffles, sweet ones and with the addition of herbs to the batter it makes great savoury waffles.


This morning I decided against toast as we were running out of butter and decided to make some waffles.

Waffle Iron

I use an electric waffle iron as it is very convenient, quick, easy and simple to clean.

As for my batter recipe, well I don’t measure, I know I should, but I just put some flour with a little sugar in a bowl, add an egg and then add enough milk until the batter flows, but is thick enough to coat the back of the fork (or spoon).

Into the waffle iron for a five minutes and serve with maple syrup (the real stuff).

Simple and delicious.

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