Time for El Mexicana

I had been to Reading for a meeting and was on my way home and feeling hungry. Usually I am disappointed with the food you can buy at motorway services. However stopping at the Reading (westbound) services on the M4 and wanting a late lunch I was really impressed with the food from El Mexicana.

I went with the pulled pork tacos, which comes with a portion of tortilla chips and salsa.

pulled pork tacos

I got three tacos which were made fresh to order and included salad, sour cream and pickles. The pork was nice and tender and full of flavour. The tortilla chips came with a delicious fresh salsa.

I really enjoyed eating this meal.

The other impressive aspect of the meal was the cost, at just £6.19. For a dish of tacos and tortilla chips this would be impressive value for money, but throw in this was at a motorway services, I felt I was ripping them off!

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