Wow, delicious chocolates

We got sent sent a huge (expensive) box of chocolates that arrived in an even bigger box.

John Lewis & Partners Chocolate & Truffle Selection.

This was the John Lewis & Partners Chocolate & Truffle Selection.

71 white, milk and dark chocolates and truffles in a unique and innovative collection, carefully selected for the ultimate in chocolate indulgence. Each irresistible flavour combination has been made from a recipe exclusive to John Lewis & Partners.

21 flavours include: praline popping truffle, grapefruit and coriander, raspberry and hibiscus, mascarpone and lime, sloe gin ganache, coconut, rose and violet, butter caramel and passion fruit.

I don’t think I would have bought a box of chocolates like this, but I have been enjoying the chocolates. I’ve had posh chocolates before and not really liked them, these on the other hand are quite tasty. There are some strange flavour combinations in there, but they’re not overpowering.

Tasty and a lovely gift.

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