You know why they call it Pizza Hut…

You know why they call it Pizza Hut… because they sell pizza.

Just don’t order the pasta!

For the first time in ages (actually maybe the first time ever) on a family visit to Pizza Hut I made the mistake of ordering a pasta dish.

Before we get to the pasta course, it might be worthwhile trying to explain what I was doing in Pizza Hut. Well though my first choice of place to eat pizza is in the Veneto region of Italy, it’s not that convenient! In the UK I will go out of my way to choose Pizza Express, I have enjoyed the pizza there. I have also enjoyed pizza at Bella Italia and I have had nice pasta dishes there too. However locally there is very little choice and sometimes for a bit of fun (and well lowered expectations) we as a family visit Pizza Hut. Knowing what is available and what to expect, means that I am sometimes disappointed, but at the end of the day more often then not I get what I expect and that’s that!

In recent memory, most times I have been to Pizza Hut I have eaten pizza, I had one of their new Tuscani pizzas, which to be honest was one of the better pizzas I have had at there. I had the Pollo Portobello which had chicken, mushrooms and a light pesto and cream base sauce.

So what about the pasta?

Well I didn’t fancy pizza so went for a pasta dish, ordered the Arrabiata  dish. Which comprised according to the menu ‘large pasta spirals in a deliciously spicy chilli, garlic and tomato sauce with prawns & crayfish tails’.

So what did I get?

Well I did get that, however it wasn’t quite what I expected.

Firstly though the pasta itself was cooked, it was cold. The sauce was warm, but not hot throughout. Scattered through the dish were the prawns and crayfish. If looked and tasted like they took some spicy tomato sauce, heated it up in the microwave and poured over cold cooked pasta and threw in a handful of prawns and crayfish tails.

I did complain it was cold, they took it back to the kitchen and (I guess) must have sent it through their pizza conveyor belt oven. When it came back it was hot, however the prawns were now double cooked, so were shrunk and tough.

Overall a disappointing pasta dish and I won’t make the mistake of eating pasta at pizza hut again, I will stick to pizza!

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