Time for a Coffee: Top Ten Blog Posts 2022

In 2022 I wrote 236 blog posts. More than 2021 when I wrote 107 blog posts,  in 2020 it was 120. In 2019 it was 58 blog posts, 2018 just 36. 

At ten was Tasty Bao Buns was a review of a meal of bao buns I had at Master Bao in January 2020.

Shiitake Mushroom Bao - teriyaki shiitake mushrooms, pickled onions and miso

Dropping five places, the ninth most viewed post  from January 2021 was about Truffled Cauliflower Cheese is no more… at M&S. It had disappeared, as I did want to get some for our Christmas lunch. Never saw it again in 2022 either.

Time for La Lola was the eighth most popular post, a review of my first visit to La Lola in St Nick’s Market in Bristol.

The seventh most popular post was about how the chain German Doner Kebab is opening in Weston-super-Mare. Well the post in January 2022 was about it opening, here we are year later in January 2023 and it still isn’t open.

Rising two places to number six was my review of Lidl Fritto Misto. Though I have bought the Lidl Fritto Misto from their Italy week quite a few times, the reality is that it’s okay, but not good. 

The fifth place spot was another on German Doner Kebab not yet open in Weston-super-Mare.

The top post from 2020 dropped six places to number seven in 2021. In 2022 it was my fourth most popular post, and it was my review of some Lidl Sol Mar Cod Croquettes

Having been the most popular blog post for both 2018 and 2017, second in 2019, and  dropping seven places in 2020, using from tenth place to third place was a post asking the question could you use Sirloin for Beef Wellington? This was a response to the high ranking of another post about using sirloin steak in a Beef Wellington rather than fillet steak due to the way people were (at the time) searching Google. 

The post at number two, sticking there, was a review of Lidl Coffee Ice Cream. They are not huge tubs, but what you get is a tasty creamy coffee ice cream, with a little chocolate in there as well.

Lidl Coffee Ice Cream

So the most popular blog post on Time for a Coffee in 2022 was German Doner Kebab still not open in Weston-super-Mare another post on the kebab chain.

Quite refreshing to see posts from 2022 being in the top ten.

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